About me

As a music producer, I’m always open to new adventures, in any style or genre. Because of the wide range of projects I’ve done so far, I developed a skillset applicable to numerous endeavors, creative and/or musically.

Furthermore, I compose music for podcasts, theatre performances and do a lot of interdisciplinary projects. Since 2022, I am the producer of the “Universiteit van Nederland” (university of the Netherlands), one of the biggest and best received podcasts in Holland.



Music I make as Jaro


Composing, editing and mixing podcasts


Theater, circus, dance, DJ, audio engineer, etc


Morning Light

My second EP, out since February 2024

De Toegift - Zo waren de dagen (Jaro Remix)

My take on “Zo Waren de Dagen” by De Toegift

Malvae - Tuyuka (Jaro Remix)

Malvae’s “Tuyuka”, remixed by me

Call It

My Debut EP, consisting of 4 songs