About me

As a music producer, I’m always open to new adventures, in any style or genre. Because of the wide range of projects I’ve done so far, I developed a skillset applicable to numerous endeavors, creative and/or musically.

 “Start Over” will be the first single of my second EP “Morning Light” and will be out on the 5th of January. 

Furthermore, I compose music for podcasts, theatre performances and do a lot of interdisciplinary projects. Since 2022, I am the producer of the “Universiteit van Nederland” (university of the Netherlands), one of the biggest and best received podcasts in Holland.



Music I make as Jaro


Composing, editing and mixing podcasts


Theater, circus, dance, DJ, audio engineer, etc


Morning Light

My new EP, the first single “Start Over” will be out in January

De Toegift - Zo waren de dagen (Jaro Remix)

My take on “Zo Waren de Dagen” by De Toegift

Malvae - Tuyuka (Jaro Remix)

Malvae’s Tuyuka, remixed by me

Call It

My Debut EP, consisting of 4 songs